As a university hospital, producing high-quality scientific research evidence is our central mission. At Tyks Orto, we continuously conduct scientific research on the quality and effectiveness of care. We have several clinical studies and registry studies underway related to different treatment methods and their effectiveness. Additionally, we are participating in various national and international multicenter studies. The research unit at Tyks Orto is led by Professor Keijo Mäkelä.

High-quality scientific research and evidence-based treatment are the foundation of everything we do.

The collaboration between Tyks Orto and the University of Turku in orthopedic research has been very productive in recent years. The focus has been on randomized clinical trial series and quality register research. Tyks Orto’s role in the development of quality registries in our country has been significant.”

– Professor Keijo Mäkelä,
Head of Tyks Orto Research Unit

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